Personal Statement
Pilar Hernandez Tedeski-Family Child Care Home Provider


My Family Child Care Home is licensed for six children. A part time assistant is available as the need arises. The families and children in my home daycare are from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professions.


The philosophy of my daycare is that all children deserve love, attention, positive direction, and stimulation to grow and develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. We are committed to providing an excellent child development program, which recognizes that each child is unique, and an individual. It is a home where love, respect, trust, and gratefulness thrive.


Our responsive and affectionate daily interactions allow the infants and toddlers to develop trust and emotional security. My family child care home uses the Creative Curriculum as a guide for our daily activities and interactions with children and families. It is based on Piaget’s theories of development in young children. Piaget believed that all children learn through active exploration of the environment, beginning in infancy. My home day care is divided into interest areas for the children. There is an area for children to explore the world of books and for quiet play. There are areas for sleeping, eating, and diapering. There are also areas for block building, dramatic play and music and movement. The indoor space is set up for the children to be safe and free to explore. Each child has a notebook where I write about the child’s day.  Parents are also encouraged to write in the book observations on their child. It is part of the daily routine to give the children a bath after lunch to prepare them for their afternoon nap.


To keep updated on the different innovations and issues in child care, I make sure that I attend conferences like the Family Child Care Homes Annual Providers’ Conference and the Chicago Metropolitan Association for the Education of Young Children. I enroll in Child Development classes at local colleges so that I can further my education and continue to learn and grow in the field of early childhood education.


I try and network with others in the field; both center-based professionals and family child care home providers. I feel it is important to not become isolated and to hear what others are doing who work with young children. Families are always welcome and we encourage them to be involved at whatever level they are comfortable with and able to do. One of the most important goals that I have set is to be an advocate in support of children and their families. I also want parents to be advocates for their children as they transition to other child care and on to school. I feel that I am a partner with the parents and I try and build relationships that are built on respect and communication. When parents and providers work together, respect and caring flow between them and the children. As an advocate for children and families, I try and put myself in the shoes of my parents and children. This has helped me to see the world through their eyes and to work even harder on building relationships.

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