February 21, 2017

"Our daughter has been attending Teacher P's Daycare since she was fourteen months old. She is now 2.5 and looks forward to attending every day. Pilar has exceeded all expectations that we had for a daycare. Our daughter receives quality care and excellent teaching, and we can rest easy knowing that she is getting such individualized attention. We highly recommend Teacher P's daycare to anyone looking for a caring in-home daycare option."


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"Teacher Pilar started taking care of my daughter Rosemary when she was 4 months old. Teacher Pilar, her staff and her family quickly became important members of our family. The overwhelming focus on love, kindness and play allowed Rosemary to flourish and grow. The stories, songs, art and dance helped Rosemary engage with other children and develop language and social skills. Rosemary entered preschool as confident and independent, which I credit to Teacher Pilar. We are so grateful to Pilar for taking care of our daughter and simultaneously welcoming us into her loving family."


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February 20, 2017
February 23, 2017

"I couldn't be more thankful for finding Teacher P and her home daycare. Going back to work is not easy after having a baby, however Teacher P made it so much easier on me... making sure my son was well-fed, happy, clean, and most importantly, loved! He was always happy to be there from day 1. Teacher P even took the time to write in a communication book daily that we can look back at and enjoy. It was so helpful to know the details of his days and development. I would recommend Teacher P 100%!"


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"Our two boys thrived at Teacher P's Daycare! We switched to Teacher P's after our firstborn spent several months in a large daycare where it seemed like we saw new faces everyday. Teacher P embraced our kids and they went to her home everyday feeling loved. They spent time playing, singing, going outside, and learning to love their friends and teacher. We feel so fortunate to have met Teacher P and cannot imagine what the boys' early childhood would have been like without her!"


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February 25, 2017

As a new parent, I had no experience with the daycare industry. It was difficult to choose a location. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational, and be similar to our home. When we toured Teacher P’s daycare, we were amazed at how the home environment felt for our child. It was important for us to feel comfortable and that our child wasn’t going to feel like a part of the “ratio” like other daycares.  Our first son, started at 3 months. He is now 6, and thriving in kindergarten. Our daughter who also started at 3 months is now 2, and is enrolled at the daycare currently. When I pick my daughter up with my older son, it’s great to see the love and connection he still has with the daycare.


Her support for me during the early months as a new parent was so helpful. As new mom, I was overwhelmed, sleep deprived and Teacher P provided me a sense of relief knowing my child was being taking care of like I would. She supported my breastfeeding efforts. They provided advice (when I asked) about sleep/developmental milestones. They worked hard at meeting each child’s individual needs at each stage of development. Having my children in a safe, loving environment made it easier to leave them at daycare and not feel guilty about working, because I knew they were having fun, learning, playing, and being loved.


The best parts of the daycare that sets them aside from others:

  • Always, provide healthy home cooked meals and snacks.

  • Eating at a normal table, learning table manners for the older toddlers.

  • Every afternoon or after bowel movements the child is bathed (which nice relief so, the evening task is done already so I could spend quality time with them in the evening).

  • We especially enjoy that she is given a variety of developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor activities including: physical activities (walks to the park, balance stability) storytelling (walks to the library), singing, dancing, playing house, cooking and multi-sensory fun (water tables, painting, arts, blocks, dress up etc.).

  • Daily communication notebook, which states the mood, appetite, and developmental skills achieved. The notebook, for both children was so nice to keep and look back on all the fun activities that they did while I was at work. She provides constant updates, and cares about our children like they were her own. 


It is a great feeling knowing that they truly love both our children.  It is a place that we call home now and forever.


Thank you,



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February 28, 2017